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The Science and Application of Aquaponics

We are pleased to be teaching aquaponics with UCLA Extension this month!

In this three-day intensive Aquaponics class, you not only learn why Aquaponics is the future of local food production but also how to do it yourself. Aquaponics is a soilless food production system that uses fish to provide fertilizer for the plants, while the plants filter the water for the fish. In this closed-loop, symbiotic relationship with edible fish and plants, more food can be grown per square foot than any other method, which makes it well suited for urban farming. Best of all, it uses 95% less water than conventional agriculture and can exceed organic certification standards. With an emphasis on developing an applied knowledge base, we cover the fundamentals of aquaponics. By the end of the course, you will discover a sense of confidence to begin your own system at home.

Enrollment limited; enrollment prior to the first class required.

UCLA: Straus LATC Clubhouse
Friday, Saturday & Sunday, 9am-4pm,
September 11 - 13

3 meetings total


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