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The Nano Farm™ Story

Designed in Long Beach, Built in Long Beach with a Conscience

Nano Farms™ is a customizable personal farming system for soil-less production offering over 200 design combinations that grow leafy greens, herbs and fruiting crops in this free-standing, self-contained system offering system design, system operation, feasibility analysis, urban farming products, and classes with supporting curriculum.


It all started when in 2010

I built a 500 SF greenhouse in West LA

With 2 layers of DWC, 4 layers of NFT, and a series of zip towers hanging over the fish tanks, I saw this as a pathway to commercial urban farming. Thousands of people came by for tours and everyone wanted one but didn't have space.

#GrowYourFood#KnowYourFood #GMOFree #PesticideFree #Sustainable

#GrowYourFood#KnowYourFood #GMOFree #PesticideFree #Sustainable

Nano Farms™ was born from the realization that there was a market opportunity for a consumer based personal farm system.


San Francisco County Jail

Urban Ag: Pathway to Employment

Over the next few years, that market proved to be in schools. We delivered a few dozen projects focused on STEM in public school, universities, homeless shelter, faith-based groups and even the San Francisco county jail where we have trained some 500 students in urban ecology through the lens of aquaponics... adult males working towards a high school diploma.

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Future Farmers

Our focus is to educate, inspire, train and empower people to be a part of the solution.

For the past 4 years, Ourfoods (501c3) has impacted the lives of many thousands of students throughout CA.

Today we are ramping up a new direction in Workforce Development/ Career Technical Education. We see urban ag as a pathway to resilient, healthy communities with job creation at the core of need.

Since urban ag jobs are far and few between in LA, we see Nano Farms™ as THE pathway to not only activate underused and underserved areas with hyper-local food access but also to be the vehicle for actual employment.


This year, we planted our flag in Long Beach, with a team of local individuals we are training to build, install and service Nano Farms™ throughout the region. Nano Farms™ is evolving into a separate social enterprise with partnerships with other local entities and with an ethos that reflects our own.

We believe food should be grown in the community, by the community for the community which boils down to the health of individuals, community, and planet.
— David Rosenstein, Executive Director

Many sizes and designs available

Many sizes and designs available

As a social enterprise we pay our team a fair and equitable wage. Every Nano Farm™ purchased also helps support our 'farm-in- schools' initiative.