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Introducing: The Desktop

The projects that we accomplish as an organization could not be executed without our amazing collaborators – our partners, communities, advisors, teachers, interns, students, fish, plants, and planet that we work so hard to protect. Our most recent product is the result of when good people come together and synergize on how to use their resources to make a difference.

Our goal is to bring the farm, and the many lessons that come from it (#foodforthought), as close to students as humanly possible, with as little water use as possible. In response to the financial realities of publically funded school systems, and to maximize exposure to students, we’ve shrunken the size and price of our indoor aquaponic systems by 80% so that they can fit in any classroom, on almost any budget, and still comes with the lesson plans of our 2’ x 4’ Nano farms thanks to a curriculum that we’ve been able to develop with the USC Sea Grant enabled by a generous donation from Boeing.

Without the help of Cambro, who provided us with the containers for our media bed and aquarium with high-quality food grade storage bins thanks to their sustainability initiatives, this would not have been possible.

And of course, without the amazing teachers, who take it upon themselves to build a better future through our youth, none of this would be at all possible.

Thank you to our amazing collaborators who made this perfect storm possible- this product is a result of when people, businesses, companies, and organizations come together to make an impact.

To see more pictures of our hands-on lessons with students, check out some of the photos we have in our gallery. If you're interested in purchasing a desktop system for your school or donating a system to a school near you, please email cat@ourfoods.org.