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The Peoples Harvest

Can a concrete slab produce the tastiest, most beautiful and nutritious produce the San Francisco Bay Area has ever seen?

You can bet the farm.

Located in San Francisco's Bayview neighborhood, The People's Harvest farm will be the first phase of a commercial-scale operation that will grow leafy greens, fruits, and vegetables in an organically certified aquaponic system.

More than just a farm, this social enterprise will also train, employ, and advance community residents in one the the nation's first commercially-viable aquaponic enterprises in a major urban area.

The "technology" of aquaponics may be old, but it's the future of farming. By 2030, more people will live in cities than rural areas making ventures like this critical to solving our food, water, and energy crisis while sustainably creating jobs and developing local communities.

Using 90% less water than soil-based methods, this combination of hydroponics (growing plants in nutrient-rich water) and aquaculture (fish farming), creates a symbiotic, closed-loop system that, combined with new lighting and heating technology and a local delivery system, can have a carbon negative footprint.