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Nutrition Science and Food Policy Summit

The symposium is part of the $2.5 million Conrad N. Hilton Foundation grant City of Hope received last year, to address the needs of vulnerable populations to mitigate the problem of poor nutrition and unhealthy lifestyle choices. Samoa said there are plans for another summit in two years, for now.

Making good dietary choices is a cornerstone of maintaining good health, yet millions of Americans struggle with what foods to eat. ... This has led to doctors recommending one way to eat and nutritionists telling patients to eat another way, leaving the American public confused.  

The summit worked to address the issue with speakers from various sectors that were experts on the science and benefits of the different types of diets, noted Samoa. There were also representatives from the food industry and policymakers discussing how access to different foods affects certain communities and what could be done to help certain communities.

“To make meaningful change in people’s lives, we need to change people’s environments,” said Samoa.