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Farm Labs @ SF County Jail

The trial program we initiated with our partners (Hunters Point family, Five Keys Charter School, and the San Francisco Sheriff Department) evolved into a permanent program. We are entering our 12th semester and have matriculated 289 student inmates. Some of those students earned a High School diploma with credits from our class while in custody. Some of those graduates have been released and qualify to enter our paid workforce development program

(Farm Labs™ ) which is in the construction phase right now. We are planning to hire some of those graduates in the coming months.Farm Labs @ SF County Jail is an anti-recidivism program aimed at the community it 'serves' the most- Bay View/ Hunters Point. The intent of this phase is to guide students towards career paths in and around urban agriculture. Our Phase II projects is already underway which will allow graduates from Five Keys, to be able to continue their learning in a more intensive paid training program within Bay View. Our end-goal is to run a commercial Aquaponics farm in Bay View that employs graduates from this program. Stay tuned!

This is a collaboration with our partners: Bayview-Hunters Point, San FranciscoFamily, #Five Keys Charter Schools, #San Francisco Sheriff’s Department, #REDF #Localization #Sustainability